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The Shop is just for Tumblrs! It sells the coolest, most awesome items you can find anywhere. Check in daily to see what new item is for sell!


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The Shop posts items of unique interest to the discerning Tumblr user, each being available for purchase from primary partner with an instant 10% discount by using coupon code 1000NOTES.

Below you will find the most recent items featured on the shop (remember to use coupon code 1000NOTES for an instant 10% discount on all items purchased):

The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace/Watch

Beautiful Silver and Rose Mechanical Wind-Up Wrist Watch

Unisex Harry Potter Quidditch T-Shirt

Golden Mechanical Wind-Up Wrist Watch

Steampunk Harry Potter Winged Golden Ball Bracelet

Winged Owl Watch Necklace

Winged Spinning Heart Watch Necklace

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With access to over one million Tumblr followers, is able to reach a vast amount of purchasers who are looking for unique and tasteful items to supplement their lifestyle.  The average follower is an eclectic, discerning blogger interested in items which fall outside of the mainstream.  They are intelligent, possessive of an eccentric trendsetting style which only the sharpest retailer has the wares to fill.  If you believe you have the inventory to satisfy these requirements you may contact us at and make your case.

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